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We value diversity and look for a special type of person when we hire at Foothills Preschool. Our teachers have proven their love for young children by demonstrating their ability to be kind, warm, loving and consistent. Communication skills are paramount, not only with the children, but with the families and many of our teachers are bi-lingual. A belief in our core principle that children learn through play is a must. We are truly a family of teachers, students and families. Teachers need to be a "fit" in all those areas to ensure success at FPS. All of our teachers have completed their necessary education required by the State of California per Title 22. They all have their designated immunizations, CPR, AED and First Aid certification, EMSA and Hazardous Materials training. All staff have passed an intensive background check by the Department of Justice and are legally identified Mandated Reporters. They attend at least 2 professional development programs per year to stay current and relevant in the early childhood education field.

Ms. Rojas, Ms. Cejas, Mrs. Stetson, Mrs. Pak, Mrs. Carey, Ms. Macedo, Ms. Granillo, Mrs. Nguyen

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